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Vicki is happy to talk with book clubs who are discussing one of her books. Send her an email ( if you want to pre-arrange a phone call for your meeting time. If you live in the Asheville area and would like her to come to your meeting, she will do so if her schedule allows.

Caution! Contains spoilers! Don't read until you've read the book! 
Discussion Questions for The Day of Small Things 

1.       Okay, let’s get this out of the way up front.  Yes, Vicki broke one of the unwritten rules.  Yes, the Snowflower kitty.  Why do you suppose she did this? (Hint: It wasn’t just to be mean.)

2.       A bit of supernatural (aka woo-woo) has crept into the previous books but there was usually an alternative rational explanation for any odd goings-on. Not here. This is flat out Cherokee Magic with a little Celtic /Appalachian witchy woman lore, as passed down from Granny Beck.  How do you feel about this?

3.       What about the various odds and ends following some chapters? Did they enhance your reading experience?

4.       Who is Mr. Aaron, anyway?  And what about Ronnie Winemiller?

5.       What’s the point of the yard dog story?

6.       Do you think Granny Beck died naturally?

7.       Do you find it believable that Birdie kept her promise not to use her magic all these years, even when her own children were dying, and then broke it to help Dorothy?

8.       What’s the Threefold Law and where do you see it working in this book?

9.       What was the point of the rather long story about John Goingsnake? 

10.   If you have read the earlier books, do you find this more fully revealed Miss Birdie believable?

11.   And, if you’ve read the earlier books, did you miss Elizabeth?